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I find it interesting that that Zuri didn't really try to hurt or kill the goose, although he almost certainly could have. He just tried to shoo it away.
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Well, Zeon, I never said you were not entitled to your opinion. You're perfectly entitled to voice your opinions, just as I am entitled to voice my opinion when I disagree with yours. That's the way discussion works, right? As for your original opinion, perhaps you would like to explain your method for determining when someone has "too much house?" If I have a billion dollars, what are the limits that you intend to impose upon my house building activities? And please be sure to provide details regarding your reasoning regarding what is "too much" and what is "just enough." What are your qualifications for making these determinations? Incidentally, in the original post, you didn't say that "in your opinion" Brady has too much house. You said Brady has "truly way too much home" and referred to it as "sickening." That sounded like you were purporting to state fact, not opinion. And finally, I did not "jump down your throat." I used no profanity and made no personal attacks on you. Believe me, if I "jump down your throat," you'll know it. Cheers!
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Who are you to say someone has "too much home?" It's his money, and he gets to buy just as much home as he pleases. And, incidentally, his wife Giselle (sp?) makes about 10 times as much annually as Brady does. It's her home too.
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Yes, it is not clear from the story whether Mom had instructed her kids previously about saying "please" and "thank you." From the context is sounds like she might have, but it is unclear. At any rate it's just an ice cream cone and the kids will get over it. They are already over it. so the internet's over the top reaction is unfortunately what we have all become accustomed to.
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I just don't understand the "1.5 billion is too much for any person" reasoning. I agree you would have a lot more to think about and perhaps more worries associated with how to spend it or give it away responsibly, but you have to also consider the positive ways you could use that much money. I think it would be a tremendous chance to accomplish some things you could never do otherwise. And just because some lottery winners have behaved stupidly does snot mean every winner has to end up the same way.
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What a shitty view of life you have . . .
If you get a chance for a promotion at work be sure and turn it down, because the extra responsibility will only make your life harder and more stressful; and the extra money will only cause you more problems.
If you see a chance to enter into a loving relationship with someone, be sure to run as fast as you can in the other direction; after all, it is bound to end poorly and cause you horrible emotional pain eventually and the odds are you'll only end up depressed and financially in a worse situation than you were in before the relationship began.
In fact, the best advice I have is to stay in bed all day, every day, for the rest of your life. That way you can avoid all risks, never take any chances, and never get your hopes up that you can ever improve your life. But you will be sure to avoid suffereing any disappointment, large or small. That's basically the outlook advocated here.
Or, you can take your $2 and purchase a lottery ticket and buy yourself a little cheap entertainment, while indulging in a bit of harmless fantasy about what you would do with 1.5 billion. You know, even if you don't win the big prize you could win one of the smaller ones by matching some of the numbers. I once won $5000 in that exact way. But even if you just win another lottery ticket, that's something, isn't it?
Goethe said, "Be bold, and mighty forces will come to your aid." And how bold do you have to be to risk 2 bucks?
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