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Yes.. as discussed in previous Neatorama fat tax articles fat really isn't the culprit for diabetes and heart disease. The lipid hypothesis was incorrect. Keys included 7 countries and left out the other 21 countries because it didn't fit his curve.

You will see as Denmark becomes fatter due to this fail policy that they were wrong. A fat tax will make it more difficult for those in low income brackets (and proportionally are more overweight with diabetes) to lose weight.

So no. a fat tax is the worst idea you can possibly try to get people to eat healthier. You can only impose such a tax on unhealthy foods if you are first able to define and prove those foods to be unhealthy.
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depends.. unfortunately we still live in a time when nutritionists and government regulators believe that fats make you fat when evidence shows otherwise. people are now hoping the lipid hypothesis, which was based on bad science, will be dropped in the next decade.

taxing food with fats would make our situation worse. already the financially poor must decide between cheap foods with government subsidized corn byproducts that contain an incredible amount of carbohydrates or the relatively expensive meats and vegetables.

hungary at least got it right to tax on the sweets.
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Kalel said:
>Besides, if Euros are any indication, we’ll wind up trading with some really boring, or flat-out ugly, coins and bills.

Are you serious? Euros are a f*kton easier to use than US dollars, plus they don't get dirty and leave your hands feeling like you touched a dirty public toilet seat.

1 Euro + 2 Euro coins makes things a lot easier as well. So what the hell are you talking about boring or ugly? That's already the US dollar.
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Jeeze... if you want to be technical, nothing is zero emission. Just creating the damn thing would emit something. The person inside emits gas.. And even if we all died our rotting bodies would emit things.

When the vehicle is running. It is zero emission. It's that simple.

Do I like fuel cell technology? Not really.. It's 70% energy efficient from water to hydrogen via electrolysis and then it says this plane is 50% efficient.. which makes the total energy efficiency from source to use to be 35%.

Electricity/Batteries are 97% efficient from source to motor.. but it just can't be refueled as quickly as fuel cell or gas.
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I agree with Polx, lot of misinformation by Ripert.

In Japan, its not glazed with miso, in fact, I dont think i've had eel glazed with miso in my life.

and, I don't think unagi sauce is not made out of miso:
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Quote: "I don’t like the Prius. Perhaps it doesn’t use a lot of fuel, but it isn’t better for the enviroment than other cars. The batteries just add up weight and require more power. The car is very slow and very complicated to repair and if they had just put an underpowered engine to a ligther car the result would have been pretty much the same. Except it would have been a lot cheaper!"

Tons of misconceptions in your comment. It actually is better for the environment than other cars. If you really want, I can dig up a whole bunch of articles for you.

The batteries are only about 100 lbs, and the car as a whole is only 2900 lbs so it really doesn't make a difference. The car is very slow? Compared to what.. a Nissan GTR?

People don't need to race on 40 mph roads. The Prius 0-60 is comparable to a Camry 4 cylinder but I bet you didn't know that nor would you have second guessed the Camry's acceleration. Seeing as how so many people buy the Camry, I don't think the Prius acceleration is an issue.

Or do you mean the Prius' top speed is slow? because I know individuals who have topped out at 108 MPH. Do you go over 108MPH on the highway? Maybe then the Prius is "too slow" for you.

Diesel inherently has more energy inside the fuel. It's no wonder they get high mpg. Does it mean its more efficient? Not necessarily, when you consider how much energy is inside diesel fuel. Plus, diesel is expensive nowadays.. more expensive than premium gasoline.

@Polx: There is no shame. You don't see how new technology, safety measures, etc require a car to use more gasoline than before? Bigger cars, airbags, impact bars, air conditioning, radio, etc etc etc just add more weight than old cars without that tech. Plus, I wonder how fast that millecento is going to go.
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#1, the prius gets more than 40
#2, small cars can get good gas mileage. its nothing special. you wanna sacrifice space so you can get good gas mileage? thats ok, but don't compare it to a prius that is bigger.
why don't you compare it to an insight that can get over 70mpg. yeah what now?
#3 silverbullsht: you sir, are a pompous ahole for thinking you are better than prius drivers
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To Mr. Binky:

Quote: "If Jesus & Christianity are all about being proactive about doing good things, then why are good & bad deeds completely ignored in the whole, getting-to-heaven thing?"

I think you're misunderstanding Christianity then. Going to heaven is not a result of good deeds, because if that were the case how would you judge that? Someone does more good deeds than bad? Or.. the value of someone's good deeds outweigh his bad deeds? Because we definitely cannot say that any man has never ever done a bad deed, and we also cannot say that even our own good deeds are pure at heart.

While Christianity teaches that salvation is simply through faith, it doesn't mean that morals are ignored. Does it make sense to believe in Jesus but then refuse/ignore the teachings? Then if our works do not reflect Jesus, or we are willingly still sinning without a repentant heart, then there's definitely something wrong with our faith
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