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Sort of fen except for that the majority of people who pass by it, and most people who lock their bikes to it will most likely be oblivious that it is a work of art at all, and will never perceive it as anything but a piece of metal bolted to the ground to lick their bile up to.
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How long before someone leaves a comment that goes something like "I for one, welcome our new octopus overlords" or some over-used "meme" internet-nerd/geek sh*t like that?

and "octopi Wall Street" joke??? Just as lame. I come here for the neat articles. Not "Dilbert".
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"Fifty years later, he encountered one of those children on a trip to Berlin, which you’ll have to go to Futility Closet to read about."

...and the man had no teeth.
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I agree with the cat's owner who made the video. Cats probably to do stop the sound of the ringing, which probably annoys them. They also might be mimicking human behavior, or maybe they are just playing.
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