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Toy Story was hardly "one of the earliest films to feature computer animation." In fact, the movie was over 13 years after Tron(1982) which had lots of CGI. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan(also 1982) used 3D CGI for the Genesis planetary special effects.
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As a cost saving measure, it would be far cheaper to pay for these drugs than the costs of HIV infections. If you want to keep insurance premiums down, disease prevention is the best way to do it.
Same goes for birth control. Babies are expensive!
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It is also the most dangerous of all trash people toss out of their car. Not even drug needles compare to the devastation and death caused by fires from cigarette butts.
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They allowed usage of autocorrect and word prediction. I would want to know the true rate would be, no assistance from the device..
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Ah yes. Plating. I wondered if there was a term for putting three bites of food on the plate surrounded by stuff nobody eats. Now I know!
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Yeah, I was under the impression that the "crazy" part of the crazy cat lady stereotype was mostly because they simply had way too many cats. The Simpsons cat lady was the extremely outlandish take on it that added in "throwing cats while babbling incoherently."
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Earbuds existed way more than 20 years ago. I remember them being available when I was a kid in the '80s. Even Wikipedia agrees and says "The use of the term earbuds, which has been around since at least 1984.."

Now, popularity on the other hand still explains mostly everything, but that still doesn't tell the whole story. I've known people that have had to forego high-end ear covering headphones due to temporary hearing loss directly associated with them. They've had to move to open-air headphones. Apparently the loss of air circulation caused buildup of wax and inflammation.

Hearing loss due to overly loud headphones is still the main driver, and earbuds just make it that much more pronounced due to the sealed airway. However, for some people simply sealing the ear is enough to cause issues.
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