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Great. So when he graduates he will be a lawyer motivated by anger, resentment, and spite. On top of that, he's the sort to hold a grudge for years.
Specialty prediction: divorce lawyer
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A big part of this story for me is how the victim's 13 year old daughter was coerced into changing her testimony by police interrogators. That tainted the whole case from the beginning.
Secondly, the courts and prison system refused to let this guy out of even though they had already exonerated him until after they had a new suspect identified.
This entire case is a study of how the entire justice system failed at nearly every step in throwing an innocent person in prison and then keeping him there longer than he should have been.
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Bingo. It is hard develop a good hypothesis without a grounding in the basics. Trying to teach by making the students guess everything from scratch sounds like it would waste a horrible amount of class time.
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Seems like someone with resources could hire out a helicopter with ground penetrating radar. All the search efforts in the article were by people on the ground.
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I think this is the optimal solution. If you only give out small portions but allow unlimited refills, theoretically you should only end up with one serving wasted at most. If a customer wants to waste more they would have to do it intentionally.
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It has a sensor range of one meter(about three feet). I guess they could just swipe their phones past each kid as long as no others were in range.
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Unfortunately it has Jim Carrey as Robotnik doing his most annoying "obnoxious character" shtick. I would guess this one is probably only for Sonic enthusiasts.
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