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I saw when she did it. It was when the Lancaster Bomber and 2 spitfires did a low flyby. Trust me they are VERY loud. And usually when you have a flyby the crowds go nuts and yell and this crowd was almost 1 million I'm sure the noise was unreal to a 3 year old
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I have been there . Not too lonely what you don't see is that he is right on one of the busyness interstates in the country and only 29 miles to the state capital
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So do the Amish pith their young, or is it all self delusional brain washing?

I take it you have never heard of Rumspringa At 16 They are required to experiment and explore with the " Real World" They throw massive parties where kids come for 100's of miles , Drive , smoke, get cell phones, drink, and only come back to the community if they want too.

As for why they don't get roller skates the in lines just work better on the types of roads they have
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One thing about these country that no one talks about is that they are for all intents and purpose


Name me one black leader from these countries.
One Latino organisation
In fact some of these countries are having big pushes to get rid of " Them People"

Yea they are great countries to live in. If you are white, educated, and have money. If not don't bother coming here.
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For a society that has "no war" they sure use the phrase " Fire Torpedoes " a lot

The main problem with the star trek society is that it goes against human nature Tell me ..if you got free rent, free food, free medical care, free transportation, free holodeck time. would you become a Red Shirt to " better yourself"?

Or stay on earth and eat steak and lobster between your Roman orgy time in the holodeck?

I think we know the answer
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