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I wouldn't be surprised if this sort of thing was going on still today. Many less fortunate countries just "trust" care they are receiving from other countries, but who knows what really might be going on...

Also, I never understood how these dark haired, dark eyed men, were in charge of trying to build up this "super race" of people who were blond and blue eyed. Basically the opposite of who they themselves were. Why were the "creators" not not killed for being different, and replaced with blond haired blue eyed doctors? I don't get it.
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AWESOME! haha I love ocean creatures! For some reason, mid-way through that I was expecting to see the IRON CHEF logo fly in there. And the Secret ingredient is "SEA ANGEL"!...

mmmmmm sea angel ice cream...
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yeah, I left right after High School, when I was 17. What is this bum still doing at home? And why do I still have friends back home that are 26, and still living at home, ugh!. But stories like this just bother me. Why would this get national press? I mean come on people, there are way more terrible things going on in the world than some d-bag throwing his taco in his moms face. *sighs*
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