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Not so much "lost" I suppose, but suppressed, is any number of works not released due to rights issues, often involving major popular music of the time. In that category, at least, I would but the WKRP TV series at all, but preferably the broadcast run. Another is The Wonder Years, and the film "FM".

Also, I'd like to see broadcast quality tapes of You Can't Do That On TV.
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Ontario Canada has them. I think there are interlocks to make sure the driver is the one blowing the machine, and interlocks to otherwise prevent tampering.
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H2G2. Bablefish, towel,bath robe with bottle of analgesic in the pocket and all that.

"TV". You know, where one can live in Greenwich Village New York easily and cheap, in a rather spacious apartment.

The Star Trek Universe, but in the "developed" sectors.

Any number of apparently utopian futures, but with the dystopia removed (such as you must go to Carousel when you turn 30 in Logan's Run).
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Jerry Lewis invented (or at least developed) the concept of installing a video camera in a film cinema camera, and video taping the video, so he would not have to wait for film dailies.
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They are a food like material reconstitution and consumption outlet.

They are halfway between a super market (which for the most part just warehouses food and other goods for direct sale to customers, and an actual restaurant (which takes componente and creates dishes, for on-site consumption).

I would meet them halfway.
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No I don't go to the cinema at all, to make that worth it.

$50 is a good part of a cable TV or Internet+Netflix subscription. I would sooner spend it on that.
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What they would have to do, to attract my DIY business, is to carry modern electronic parts, centered around the Microcontroller, likely by making the parts modular, like Sparkfun has their parts available, and be able to get (on order fine), parts to repair stereos, TVs, and such.

What they need to stock is cases, hookup wires, and popular parts.
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The USA lets you make your own stamps too.

Howver, unlike the USA, Canada, and other places, allow living people depicted on their postage stamps, mostly for commemerative purposes though. Or you can be the ruling Monarch.
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