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Universe did not start with a huge explosion.. You can think of it as explosion to imagine big bang but it certainly was not an explosion.. Just from the top of my head, explosion involves matter, matter did not exist before, thus, no explosion can occur. I hate those kinds of questions that involve semantics, even mensa tests has them.
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They are playing the flash version, it's not stable.. You can have up to 200ms of input lag, which if you have played the original, just won't work. It's lottery more than skill.
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The doorknob is traditional Finnish thing, it's in a lot of houses and cottages. The furniture is common stuff all thou that "lazy boy" chair is to die for.

We have never called those "pocket fisherman", it is called pilkki and fishing from an icehole is pilkkiminen. We also had those decades before any shopping channels started to advertise them.
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There is two ways: for higher academic degrees it's of course university. For higher degrees in "blue collar" job titles it's combined seamlessly with work. You can get any degree on your field while working and it's subsidiced so that government will pay part of your salary when you have to be away from work (about 1-2 months per year). Employers are very eager to participate as they get better educated, motivated old known workers for pennies..

I'm doing a similar degree right now, i have very few courses since i managed to work in various jobs in av industry before. I got VERY tailored curriculum to fit my needs and every single one gets the same treatment. Basically i need to prove that i'm able to do things in a professional manner. I will be "judged" in work or work simulated situations by three professionals with an academic degree in my field (and two teachers with masters deg that haven't seen me before, schools still get money from graduates so that eliminates that part of equation....). Curriculum is tailored to suit the few areas that need more concentration. There's no grades there, it's simply i do know what i'm doing or i don't. It's pretty complex "exam" that can take a day or two, where i need to show that i know well beyond the minimum requirements (that's very important!) and can fluently solve problems in professional manner and work according to industry standards and regulations. Because "the biz" is hard to teach but pretty easy to learn thru work, it's a special field so we got a little bit different rules also.

But my school is not the most typical as it's heavily tailored to fit the needs of both pupils and the local industry. The latter usually requests certain areas that they need workers for and the school then provides them with fresh batch every year. It works like a private school in that sense; company pays for the school to arrange courses in the exact areas they need. In the academic field it's more conventional but the same tailored curriculum exist there too. And the same "final exam" system, i don't actually need to listen to a single lecture.. People do thou, they are very aware of the subjects they need to learn and why. That explains the motivation. You still have to graduate in timely manner, there is a time limit after all (you can study forever on your own expense, but government stops paying you after certain years have passed... Schools are still free, forever.)

So most workers that want to have a career, are constantly on school part time getting higher and higher degrees ;) My dad got his degrees while in the last ten years before he retired, mostly because he could: my generation is the first to enjoy this new system and it was phased step by step to it's current state during my school years.

It's really really common for someone to work ten years, spend two or three years in school and repeat that cycle to the death. The level of commitment on those adult schools from both teachers and pupils is really really high and the percentage that get a job from that route is staggering: in my field we are expecting 80% employment before the school ends.. And that's heavily overstudied field; "showbiz" is of course interesting to many, about 10% from the youngsters are working after 5 years.. Usually they switch to something else.

Wow, sorry for long post...
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By the way, the downside to high education is that you can't get even the lowest level jobs without some kind of education. For a cleaner, it's about 1 year, for janitors it's 1-2years etc... We don't have that many "McDonalds" that can get just anyone from the street. But then again, those schools are free of charge and you get monetary support for both housing and for other expenses (not much, most have to still depend on welfare or low interest student loans, which are backed by the government..) plus one free meal per day..
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Pietarsaari is 28km from where i live.. It's small town with 28k population is next to northest town where Swedish used as main language. Not that anyone cares but it's always nice to see a random story referring something geographically close. So most likely the girl in the story visited my town, the capital city of this region cause we got all the shops and malls..
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Or some wise ass is turning it while the security cam is between frames... If you look at the video you can see that every time the statue starts to move there's one guy who goes back and forth.
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It's pretty impossible for a humanbeing to sink in lava. It's molten rock and while standing in one place most likely will submerge your feet, it's still very dense so one would have to stay in one place for several seconds.
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