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We have to give Dino credit.....despite the obviously overwhelming wave of youthful exuberance towards Beatle-mania, he still held the upper hand. Well, for a few months anyhow. Good on him.
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Tks Miss C...He actually didn't conform to any "norms" in a bloke-sense, apart from his obvious desire to have the local womenfolk admire his lush 'tash.
I imagine it would have made him a tad nervous when they insisted on running their fingers through it, however.
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I actually worked with a colleague in Papua New Guinea, who had grown his nose hair long enough to allow it to be braided into his moustache. We must remember that PNG is equatorial-ish, and doesn't conform to hemispheric norms for the most part. Anyway, the effect was of this "braiding" was that his moustache certainly looked "fuller", from a distance. The downside was that it was difficult to look him in the eye while talking, without watching all the resultant nostril twitching. I'm pretty sure there was no impact from any external forces (Coriolis or other-wise) on his limited hirsuteness. It was just a whole bunch of rank, knotted hair on a very un-blokey lip.
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It actually has alternative multiple-user applications.
Having lunch at the desk, one can lower their head into the padded headrest, and with the aid of a straw, simply inhale/absorb their chosen munchies, while copping a brief nap at the same time.
20 minutes later they could awaken, well fed, well rested, and perform their duties to the satisfaction of all. I know that I would. Please vote for this item as obligatory when next you attend a meeting..irrespective of where you are.
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