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I appreciate the feelings of many of the self-titled feminists and film critics who dislike the series. The the films are certainly not everyone's taste.

That said, I've felt I could relate to the female character and the direction of the films. I don't look at the movie as being a "role model movie." I see Bella as insecure and obsessive. Isn't that a unique description that sets her apart from all you strong ladies? She comes from a broken home and her mother clearly revolves around her husband. Again, don't you have a friend with a mom like that, perhaps who turned out like her mom?

For my part, I can relate with getting dumped, being melancholy, and deciding between what's good for me and what's dangerous. It's a classic choice many women make. Having chosen my own Jacob to marry, I look back at that time when I had that passion, the lust, the confusion in my life. Tweens? Hah, I wish. I call it my 20's, and these movies bring back that energy. A true escape and one that you want to experience. That time in my life was so exciting.

The movies are also well done. The acting is good, the soundtracks are good, the cinematography is decent. The dialogue, which could incite laughter in its silliness, I can forgive in the same way I forgive George Lucas when I watch Star Wars. It's all in good fun.

And finally, if you're really concerned that Bella isn't a good role model, you can always explain to your daughter that Bella could end up damned, with a vampire-made c-section, unable to enjoy life as she is now walking dead. :)
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