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They did get the glowing headlight for women right, at least in my case - the past year I've been taking little LED lights, gluing them onto hair clips, and clipping them on my head/jacket in the winter!
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It's a TV remote, the kind they had in the 60's. It uses mini tuning forks inside that ring at high pitched frequencies. The TV would pick up whatever frequency for whatever button you hit, and then change the channel or volume for you. While handy, a lot of people had issues with this type of remote, as if they accidentally dropped a dish, or moved something so it squeaked, the TV would hear these high frequencies and change channel/volume on you, so that as you open the squeaky back door suddenly the TV goes from silent to as loud as possible.

And if I win, I'll take the Bloody Heart shirt in a medium.
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At the Chicago Theatre, back in the day when it opened (1921), the ushers were taught a series of hand signals that they would use to communicate with each other while in the auditorium without interrupting the guests
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The coconuts from Monty Python's Holy Grail? They decided to cast 'em in bronze so future generations could always hold on to these special bronze 'nuts.

I like the i <3 scifi shirt :D
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I remember seeing these in the toy sections of department stores the last time I was in Tokyo (2007).

I was confused and curious, but ultimately never bought one.
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I've met two of my significant others online (through Myspace, sadly enough), and though one was a creep, the other and I have been happily dating for two years.
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WOW. Was not expecting to see that.

I mean, I know I've joked many times about buying a giant fist or perhaps the Great American Challenge (giant dildos, if you didn't get it) and putting it on my mantle/using them as a coat hanger, but I'm also a college student. I just never expected to see such illustrious writing and minimalistically suggestive pictures on Neatorama.
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First of all, I must never have scrolled down to the immediate bottom before, but I just did now and cackled out loud at the sight of the Great A'Tuin with the four elephants on his back carrying the discworld that is Neatorama!

There's not too much about the blog that I'd want fixed - the Upcoming Queue is a little off sometimes, but it is a queue and not the front page, where usually all the posts are pretty interesting. I might not comment on the articles too much, but I do check Neatorama on a daily basis and have for several years now.

As for the shop, when one first hits its homepage, make sure that front animation doesn't speed by too fast - I kept racing to read what the banners said before they changed.

And, if you pick me, I am moving apartments soon and would need a new shower curtain, say the Psycho one?

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I agree with Mr Joe. Now that I think about it, it does sound like a lot of very creepy Craigslist ads; this kid is just getting a head start at such a young age and already posting them.
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If it was electric, that would be even more awesome.

Also, if I were him, I would have made the body of the cello some strange color just for grins.
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