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I don't understand. why do most of these comments suggest that this guy is a moron? Because he believes in God? He isn't refusing service to someone because they don't believe. Regardless of what most people think, Christians aren't all Hillbilly rednecks who were homeschooled and carry a rifle in their pickup. I think a lot of the people posting comments need to get out more and actually meet some of these people. They want the same things most religions want, everyone to get along and have a sense of community and brother(or sister)hood. My church supports other churches and has community events to bring people together. It doesn't get preachy, they just want people to unplug and actually socialize. It seems that we are living in a day when you can make fun of Christians, but if you start making fun of Muslims, Buddhists or whatever you aren't "hip" or "edgey". Yeah, that guy who predicted the Rapture was a bit "off" and he really hurt Christianity in the mainstreams eye, but I promise you. Not all of us are like that.
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What about this one: Zombies
I found it on youtube and actually was kind of interesting, but not your usual zombie fare
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y'know...i Love the Fett. I have a severe Boba Fettish and Im an artist to boot (although, this guys work is really good), but $1350? No thanks.
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Why does everyone always assume that people that own weapons (especially guns) have to be crazy backwoods hillbillies? I live in Missouri, so it's a little bit country, but I am by no means a redneck. People have no idea just how theraputic it is to go to a target range and squeeze off a few rounds from a handgun.
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