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This is not really suprising. The best way to diet is to fill your life with stuff that will take your mind off food. Also, don't eat the same delicious stuff all the time. Mixing up the tastes of food will keep your body from putting on the pounds.
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Reminds me of the trick my sister-in-law taught us ... if you have caked-on stuff in a dish pan or other cooking piece and dish soap isn't getting it off, then put a dryer sheet in it for a few hours. The stuff just falls off.
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My 7th grade teacher looked like a white Aunt Jemima (the current one) and being cruel 7th graders, we all called her Aunt Jemima ... I don't think anyone got A's in that class.
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Wouldn't the ring have to fit tightly to leave a permanent impression? I'm always making sure I can take my ring off ... I've seen too many farmers who lost a finger b/c they couldn't take their ring off before heading off to work.
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