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My brother is 6'4", bald and has a bunch of tattoos. He went to China over New Years. Pretty much every time he walked on the street he got mobbed. At first he thought it was neat and kept taking pictures with people, but after awhile it got difficult to get from place to place. He said it was probably the closest he will ever feel to being famous, I told him they just thought he was a freak of nature ( to take him down a notch).
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Back in film school I talked with a guy that worked on Apocolypse Now as a special effects tech.

For the other big explosion in the movie, they had to have military jets fly over the jungle to make it look like they were the ones bombing the treeline. They had a pipe filled with gasoline for the explosion to simulate the napalm. Since they only had one pass with the jets, everything had to go off in one take. To get the jets to fly over the correct spot, they cut out big arrow shapes in the trees in the jungle so the pilots could navigate properly miles away.
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That must have been popular back at the turn of the century. I have seen more than on vintage photo of people doing that, including British royalty.
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My step brother made a Halloween costume for his girlfriend like that a few years ago. She dressed up like Fay Wray and then had the hand wrapped around her. It was very cool.
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