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When there’s no place to put the waste and getting rid of the trash starts to cost real loss of money. Think about it. A parking spot in HK can sell for over $10k.
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At 8 years old, I walked two miles home from the YMCA following my older cousin who was 10. At 12 years old, I crossed the Pacific on my own. At 16 I entered college. These types of charts are ridiculous. People should use their eyes, brain and the ability to talk to their children, to determine if their children can be left alone.
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Ah! This is the calipers of the long-forgotten science of linguanology, an off-shoot of phrenology. Linguanology theorizes that the thickness and width of your tongue determines your intelligence and personality.
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My mother and I were in Japan in the late 70's and found a Shanghainese restaurant in the middle of Tokyo. Being from Shanghai, my mother wanted to give it a try. If you've ever eaten with Chinese, you know one of their favorite things to do while eating is to criticize the food. So throughout the meal, she's going on and on about how the food isn't that authentic, it's just a bit off, all in Shanghainese.

At the end of the meal, the chef comes out and bows to us, beaming. He'd been stationed in Shanghai during WWII and fell in love with the cuisine. Not only that, but he loved being there so much that he picked up the dialect and he was *so* honored to have actual Shanghainese folks in his restaurant.

My mother turned five shades of red during his effusive praise, knowing that he heard and understood every word she said.
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Wonderful idea but I recently read an article where they said trees growing in skyscraper's just isn't feasible. I keep thinking of root systems and wonder how the architects can stop root systems from breaking up entire floors.
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My mother told me that the number of swirls on top of one's head correlates to how many appendixes you had. I had three swirls so even after getting rid of one appendix at 10, I still had to wait to go play 1/2 an hour after eating, to prevent my other appendixes from bursting.
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My interpretation of what happened was that the cobra was the winner. The python was snuffing out its life when it managed to get a strike in on the python which made the python release it. The cobra then darted away while the python laid stunned until the animal control could get it.
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