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Hah! #3 from their list is my home town (Franconia Notch, NH). Specifically, this is from the ledges coming down from Cannon Mountain.

I live in Colorado now which has nice foliage as well. But nothing can touch New Hampshire in the fall.
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Impressive! Lots of elements of everything from breakdancing to swing in there.

It would surprise me if that wasn't sped up at least a little bit. Definitely doesn't look quite natural.
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"anesthesiologists are the highest-paid specialty among doctors. now we know why."

Given the alternatives, I for one am willing to pay top dollar for a good anesthesiologist. Fortunately, I haven't had need for an anus-thesiologist... Yow!
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The anomalous decelleration seen in Pioneer 10 was shown to be miniscule thrust from thermal radiation on the back of the spacecraft. This was a tiny, tiny effect, but noticable after 20+ years of mission. I don't know about the other four probes, but I wouldn't be surprise if something similar was going on.
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This is eerily familiar to anyone who has read Vernor Vinge's "Rainbow's End" novel. Couple these contacts with wearable computers and you can surf the net while sitting at the dinner table.
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