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Neatolinks: Just Try to Castrate A Hippo, We Dare You...

Apparently It's Really Hard to Castrate a Hippo (G...  ...Without Beards (Design Taxi)Top Image: Minecraft Wedding Cake By Dahli-Lama (Reddit)Second Image: Ultimate...  ...Cake By Dahli-Lama (Reddit)Second Image: Ultimate Wedding Photo Bomb (Cute Overload)
12 Awesome Wedding Cake Alternatives

I would be pretty content with a cheese wheel or s...  ...pretty content with a cheese wheel or sushi cake wedding cake...but a cheeseburger or pizza one just would..., I think it might be kind of awesome to have a wedding
The Game of Thrones Wedding Cake

Do you take this man to watch your Wall through w...  ...white walkers and wars? I do.This Game of Thrones wedding may just be created as part of a wedding shoot and not an actual ceremony, but I for one w...  ...o see this cake and the vows above used at a real wedding .Link...
Alice in Wonderland Wedding Cake

Go down the rabbit hole! You don't know what adven...  ...adventures marriage may bring you. Mike's Amazing Cakes assembled this beautiful wedding cake.Link | Baker's Website
The Hobbit Wedding Cake

Nothing like spending happily ever after in the Shire amidst the comfort of Bag End. This lovely creation was put together by Tiffany's Baking Company.Link Via When Geeks Wed...
Evil Dead: The Wedding Cake

There are tons of Evil Dead and Army of Darkness r...  ...d and Army of Darkness references in this amazing wedding cake, but let's just hope the inside doesn't rese...
A Video Game Wedding

When a man and a woman love each other very, very...  ...ey might have some video game influences at their wedding .While Jane & Neil had a lot of video game asp...; Neil had a lot of video game aspects at their wedding , including video game table markers and stationar...  ...ary, the best touch is c...
I Now Pronounce You Plumber & Wife...

The great thing about this Mario wedding cake is that it has so many details from so many...
Dinosaurs On The Wedding Cake!

Maybe the cake is actually a space ship! I am impressed that they made this so soon after the episode came out, but I can't help but wonder if the sand and rocks are some kind of candy.Link Via That's Nerdalicious...
My Little Pony Wedding Cake Toppers

Rainbow Dash and Big Macintosh? Never in a million... K. Torres will certainly contribute to a grand wedding .Link -via My Little Pony Crafts

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