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A Legend Comes to Life...

We all know that the earth is a disc carried on th...  ...od reason, no. He probably just woke up and has a tortoise bedhead. (If anything it's bad, because it lowers...  ...t of surface area is hit by sunlight for basking)" Tortoise
The Tortoise and the Hare

Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? You never really believed that a ra...  ...quo;s assumed potential speed is no match for the tortoise
Cats vs. Tortoises

[] (YouTube link) Tortoises are fairly fearless and love to annoy cats. That&...  ...cats- because their reactions are funny. Several tortoises of varying sizes show their chutzpah in this comp... their chutzpah in this compilation video. A tortoise...
The Lion and the Tortoise

No one is invulnerable. Tempting fate is the fastest way to find out what your weakness is. This is definitely a fable- you can probably think of one of Aesop’s “moral of the story” lines, or a verse fr...
Baby Tortoise Uses Its Egg as a Shell

[](Video Link)The little fella still hasn't left his egg shell. Instead, he's carrying it around as extra armor around his own shell. It's sturdy and fashionable.-via Nothing to...
Tortoise Tries to Eat Kitten's Toes

[](Vide...  ...//](Video Link) Tortoise wants a snack. The sleepy kitten's toes are a con...
Dog Takes the Tortoise Taxi

[](Vide...  ...hine the dog needs a lift, she calls Nicholas the tortoise . Nothing to Do with Aborath refers to Nicholas as...  ...hing to Do with Aborath refers to Nicholas as the tortoise taxi. But he's really more of an Uber tortoise...
Tortoise Rescues Tortoise

The poor tortoise got himself high-centered on a rock. What can he... a larger, and probably older and wiser, tortoise comes to save the day. Tortoises look out for their friends, after all. And a wise...  ...look out for their friends, after all. And a wise *st...
Separating Tortoise Twins

The breeders at Garden State Tortoise noticed a Western Hermann's tortoise (Testudo hermanni hermanni) egg that was showing...  ...owing some difficulty in hatching. There were two tortoises inside! That is pretty rare, and even rarer that...  ...[

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