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Greatest Business Ever: Drive-A-Tank

Do you need to drive a tank ? Call Drive-A- Tank , a company that lets you drive a tank . When do you need to drive a tank ? The correct answer is 'yes'. For as low as $399...  ...'yes'. For as low as $399 a day, you can drive a *st...
Cardboard Kitten Tank

Instructables member TigrisLi make a tank for her kitten out of cardboard, and posted the i...  ...o! Even if you don't want a kitty-sized cardboard tank , don't miss the short film she made of her kitten...
Sweden Developing Invisible Tank

Swedish engineers are working on a tank that will be able to blend into the background --...
Tank Survives a Nuclear Blast

This is an unbelievable story of a tank that was used by the British to conduct nuclear t...  ...several high profile missions. That’s one tough tank . The test was codenamed Operation Totem, an...  ...of military equipment. Although Centurion Mark 3 tanks had only b...
Cats in Tanks - Felines Take Over the World

Cats in Tanks from Whitehouse Post on Vimeo. Cat's in Tanks is the feline epic that shows cats in tanks
VW Van Shell Riveted to WWII Tank Chassis for Serious Off-Roading

I'm not a huge fan of the VW vans like this on... this one, but when you put the van on a set of tank treads, you have my interest. Apparently the shel...
House Raided by Sheriff, Star, Tank

Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and v...  ...nto the neighborhood in armored vehicles led by a tank . They arrested Jesus Llovera during the raid Mond...  ...V show, “Lawman.” Seagal was riding in the tank . The Sheriff’s Department has entered into a...
Strap-On Tank Tracks

(YouTube Link) This Russian-language (?) video shows a handy car accessory. Drive up on the treads, remove your wheels, attach the axle to the treads, and you have a functional tracked vehicle. via DVICE | Previ...
Skeet Shooting with a Tank

(YouTube Link) Put that shotgun away. This A...  ...rcial proposes a new sport: skeet shooting with a tank
One-Legged Hopping Tank

This design, patented in 1945 by Henry Wallace...  ...of the objects of this invention is to provide a tank having an extensible leg capable of imparting a s...  ...mparting a series of vertical oscillations to the tank , and having means to vary the angle of inclinatio...  ...of the leg to obtain directional mo...

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