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Every State's Favorite Halloween Candy

Does your state like chocolate, bubble gum or fruit candy for Hal...  ...led a cool interactive map to help visualize each state 's favorite flavors. It's worth noting that the da...  ...ion because there's no way enough people from any state actually like to eat candy corn that...
Every State's Most Important Food Innovation

Every state has added something unique to the American culina...  ...about the best culinary invention created by each state . Granted, it might seem a little weird to claim a...  ...Granted, it might seem a little weird to claim a state 's best innovention is a potato or crab l...
29 States with Weird Nicknames for their Residents

[] (YouTube link)Arizo...  ...a "sand cutter"? Did you ever find out why? Many states have weird nicknames for people who call that state home, and each has a story behind it, whether we...  ...ot. John Green fills us in on some of the weirder state
What Your Google Thinks About Your State

We in the US believe a lot of things about our nei...  ...u can see what stereotypes people have about your state . The map simply takes what autocomplete suggestio...  ...fered when someone enters a search for "Why is __( state
What Each State Googles More Than Any Other State

Everyone has questions, that's part of what makes...  ...f some of the most common questions asked in each state -or at least asked more in each state than they are asked in other states . The map is fun to look at, but this Thrillist ar...  ...Thrillist article has more th...
The Highest Rated Film Set In Each State

While an overwhelming number of movies are set in...  ...are still plenty of movies set outside the Golden State . If you've ever wondered what the highest-rated m...  ...wondered what the highest-rated movie set in your state happens to be, you're in luck because this map do...  ...b visualizing this informatio...
What's Your State Burger?

Like most things, America's taste in cheeseburgers...  ...hings, America's taste in cheeseburgers varies by state . This cool breakdown of the different burgers fro...  ...breakdown of the different burgers from different states provides a fascinating look at the burgers popula...
The State Beverage Quiz

About half of the states of the USA have official state beverages. The Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss tod...  ...t who knows this kind of stuff? I only knew which state two of the drinks went with, but got four right b...
What Does Your State Do Best?

Every state is number one at something, but what exactly is...  ...h year in a row. It also ranked the most generous state based on charitable donations versus...  ...e man-made lakes (200) than any other state . OKCupid recently...
The Origins of State Names

The following is an article from Uncle John's Lege...  ...Bathroom Reader. A.M. Walzer Co. United States Inlay Puzzle Map (Image Credit: Marxchivist [Flic...  ...Bathroom Reader. You know the names of all 50 states …but do you know where any of them come from? He...  ...ver. FLORIDA. Explorer Po...
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