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Watch Tiny Crab Spiders Take Flight With 10-Foot Silk Parachutes

Do you recall the end of the book Charlotte's Web,...  ...ed, but then almost all of them flew away? Flying spiders of all kinds scare people by throwing out silk that carries them on the wind. Aerodynamics engin...  ...Aerodynamics engineer Moonsung Cho observed crab spiders t...
Spider Engineering Feat

A spider built a web in a spot where there wasn’t an...  ...The weight of the rock, suspended by a strand of spider silk , provides an adequate third anchor point, at leas...  ...r reverseloop took pictures instead. How did the spider get this rock where it is now? It cou...
Spider Silk Dress

Stylish and bullet proof! What's not to like?...  ...y Japanese company Spiber is woven from synthetic spider silk , which is five times stronger than steel, more fl...  ...ial Spiber calls Qmonos (from¬†kumonosu, or " spider web," in Japanese). [...] The high-...  ...behind Qmonos. T...
Scientists Make Artificial Skin from Spider Silk

Researchers at the Hannover Medical School in Germ...  ...Germany have developed artificial skin made from spider silk . When formed into a fine mesh, the silk from the golden silk orb weaver spider (left) can be grafted onto the human body...
Golden Textile Made From Spiders Silk

There's an amazing collaboration between man a...  ...stitute of Chicago, a cloth woven purely from the silk of over a million Golden Orb spiders . This magnificent textile, naturally golden in co...  ...r eighty gatherers spent five years gathering the silk . Such a feat has n...
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