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This Little Sea Slug Can Photosynthesize

First sea bunnies, now sea sheep? >> pic.twitte...  ...leptoplasty, is only found in certain sacoglossan sea slugs . While leaf sheep aren't particularly good at pho...
Adorable Sea Slug Looks Like a Bunny

(Photo: unknown)Rocket News 24 reports that Japane... along the ocean floor, presumably looking for sea carrots and sea lettuces, all while avoiding sea foxes.
Say Hello to The Game of Thrones Slug

Daenerys Targaryen is pretty much my favorite fema...  ...l, she's kind and she's smart. And now, she has a sea slug named after her. The decision was made by Federal...  ...t Felipe de Vasconcelos Silva, who discovered the slug and thought that it looks like her beautiful brai...  ...her beautiful braids. The s...
Sea Slugs Have Disposable Penis

Add this to the huge list of strangest...  ...he hermaphrodite Chromodoris reticulata sea slug has a disposable penis that snaps off e...  ...awa from Osaka City University watched the mating slugs , she noticed something odd. After the...  ...That ought to be a fairly ruinous end...
Green Sea Slug Is Part Animal, Part Plant

Some animals eats algae and incorporates the algae...  ...of the University of South Florida in Tampa, the sea slug Elysia chlorotica no longer has to, because it ha... manufacture chlorophyll in its own body! The slugs can manufacture the most common form of chlorophy...  ...Pierce used a radioactive tr...
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