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True Facts About The Naked Mole Rat

[] (YouTube link)The mo...  ...vUPSdQ] (YouTube link)The more you know about the naked mole rat , the weirder this animal gets. They live a very l...  ...ishment with the lifestyle that comes with living naked
Naked Mole Rats: Supermodels of the Underground

Immune to acids, toxins and heav...  ...ever. Lives 9 times longer than its peer. Oh, and naked all the time. No wonder the naked mole rats is considered the "underground supermodel&qu... The Scientist magazine. Naked mole-rats , unlike ot...
RIP Naked Mole Rat Old Man

A naked mole rat named Old Man was found dead last Thursday at his...  ...11/2 to 2 years old in 1980 when he and 75 of his naked mole rat brethren were captured in a Kenyan sweet potato f...  ...potato field — sweet potatoes being one of the mole *strong class="matched-kw...
Naked Mole Rats Immune to Cancer

There has never been a documented case of cancer f...  ...never been a documented case of cancer found in a Naked Mole Rat , which is unusual as they can live to be 30 years...  ...f the National Academy of Sciences, show that the mole rat 's cells express a gene called p16 tha...
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