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34 Things Movie And TV Characters Do That No Real Person Does

There are reasons that fictional characters do things that no one in real life does. Groups o...  ...audience. But there are so many odd behaviors in movies and on TV that can get under your skin once you n... Cracked "pictofacts" post about how fictional characters
What Movies Always Seem to Get Wrong about Stockbrokers

If you've ever seen your career depicted in a movie , your first thought was probably on how wrong it...  ...ockbrokers on a regular basis, the stereotypes in movies can easily give us the wrong idea. Only the greed...  ...the greediest, most hubristic, amoral, and clever characters...
The Top Five Exterminators in Movies

It seems that every human occupation will eventual...  ...t every human occupation will eventually find its characters in film, leaving those movie characters as favorites for those particular professionals -...
The Top Five Pizza Delivery Guys in Movies

The pizza delivery guy is a trope in porn films, b...  ...y guy is a trope in porn films, but in mainstream movies , TV, and music videos, he gets little respect. Bu...  ...lines seem to fall into tough luck to further the movie plot. Who's your favorite pizza delivery guy from...  .... Who's your favorite pizza...
Animals Who Look Like Famous Fictional Characters

Which came first, the fictional character design, or the goofy pet that inspired the look?Y...
12 Movie Characters Who Were Set on Fire

If you were to think about the worst way to die, b...  ...It’s certainly tragic in real life, but in movies , a burning person is a dramatic special effect th... of Ford Fairlane?In this incredibly underrated movie (Dice in his prime, Tone Loc, Lauren Holly, a lit...  ...dy charges him with murder.T...
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