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7 Of The Cruelest Reality Shows Ever Made

Reality shows like Survivor and Big Brother have been downright...  ...f wanna-be actors, but the cruelty found on these shows cannot even compare to that of Nothing But The Tr...  ...rgeon.(YouTube Link)See The 7 Cruelest Reality TV Shows To Ever Be Made here
Game Theory in Action in a Game Show

(Video Link) This scenario isn't the Prisoner...  ...d they are the most important golden balls of the game . You each have a golden ball with the word 'Split... both choose the Steal ball, you leave today's game with what you came with: nothing. It's the ultima...
’80s and ’90s Game Shows

How well do you remember the TV game shows of the 1980s and '90s? Find out by taking this Lu...  ...z at mental_floss. Hint: there are a lot of kids' game shows represented. I was lucky to score 60% because I h...
The Dating Game's 10 Best Celebrity Contestants

(Video Link) The classic game show The Dating Game featured a string of celebrity contestants during...
How One Man Beat The Price Is Right...

In 2008, Terry Kniess became the only person to ev...  ...give the exact price of the final showcase on the game show The Price is Right. He wasn't lucky -- he w...  ...a contestant. And with his knowledge of how the games worked, he kept on winning until the end: Then...
New Game Show: Contestants Believe That They're Electrocuting Each Other

(YouTube Link) In the 1960s, Yale psychology...  ...eriment, a French TV production company created a game show with that theme: The aim of the experimen...  ...the presenter and audience, who also believed the game was real. Link
The Worst (UK) Game Show Answers Ever

This list of hilarious answers to game show questions proves that American contestants a...
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