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Meet 115, the Newest Element on the Periodic Table

Just when you thought you'd memorized the periodic...  ...thought you'd memorized the periodic table of the elements , along comes a new one. The atomic weight is 115,...  ...s temporary name (it just means 115).The heaviest element in nature is uranium, which has 92 protons. But h...  ...ure is uranium, which h...
Bad Chemistry: "Chemical Elements" of Breaking Bad Characters

How would you describe the characteristics...  ...s are used to create Bad Chemistry: The Character Elements
Flerovium and Livermorium: New Elements in the Periodic Table

Let's welcome two new elements to the Periodic Table: Flerovium and Livermorium!...  ...try officially approved names for the elements – which sit at slot 114 and 116,...  ...sia, a facility where many superheavy elements have been...

The following is an article from Uncle John's Heav... the names and properties of various chemicals, elements , and other substances ...that exist only in books...  ...light. Dilithium is in the "hypersonic" family of elements . Energon: Highly radioactive and extremely uns...  ...which can only be pro...
Copernicium (Element 112) Added to the Periodic Table

Element 112 has been officially added to the Periodic Tab...  ...niverse.The team of scientists who discovered the element chose the name to honour the man who "change...  ...d Professor Hofmann. LinkPreviously on Neatorama: Element 112 to be Officially Added to the Perio...
Element 112 to be Officially Added to the Periodic Table

The Periodic Table of Elements is getting a new addition. Sigurd Hofmann and col...  ...d to the Periodic Table as soon as a name for the element is chosen:"The new element is approximately 277 times heavier than hydrogen,...  ...mes heavier than hydrogen, making it the...
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