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How Do They Train Drug Sniffing Dogs?

Dogs amaze us with their ability to detect scents from...  ...explosives, and even cancer. But how to we train dogs to focus on one kind of smell? It's a basic dog training technique that's been refined to suit the dog 's future job. But th...
Dog Spells Her Name

[] (YouTube link)They...  ...aHo] (YouTube link)They say that Penny is a smart dog , but why can't she put the letters in the right o...  ...em on top of each other? Oh yeah, because she's a dog , and you don't expect dogs to be able to spell in the f...
How to Train Your Pug...

Pugs are known as affectionate dogs that are good with children. They make great comp...
Teaching a Dog to Meow

[] (YouTube link)Mama...  ...a Mendes uses the promise of a treat to teach her dog how to meow like a cat. And when the incentive is...  ...ow like a cat. And when the incentive is right, a dog can do anything! -via Tastefully Offensive
Dog Catches Lobsters

Not all dogs love lobsters. Usually, lobsters are the natural...  ...bsters. Usually, lobsters are the natural prey of dogs in the wild. Or at least this dog , Lila, has been trained to dive into the water, s...
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