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Can a Cuttlefish Blend in with a Tacky Living Room?

[](Vide...](Video Link)The cuttlefish is a master of camouflage. It has the ability to...  ...decorated living room is hardly what the typical cuttlefish might encounter on the bottom of the ocean.Richar...  ...of Nature, decided to...
Cuttlefish Hypnotize Their Prey with Tripply Light Shows

From Gizmodo comes this fascinating National Geogr...  ...this fascinating National Geographic video about cuttlefish . These deadly predators can project light sequenc...  ...quences hypnotize other sea creatures, giving the cuttlefish time to get close enough to snatch them with proj...
True Facts About The CuttleFish

[] (YouTube link)Ze Fra... returns with a look at that odd cephalopod the cuttlefish . They aren't fish; they are mollusks, but they do...
Overly Attached Cuttlefish

(Photo: Jennifer Andrews)You're being awfully fowa... Jennifer Andrews)You're being awfully foward, Cuttlefish
The Two-Faced Cuttlefish

Image: Culum Brown We fro...  ...e frown at two-faced people, but when it comes to cuttlefish , being two-faced makes smart evolutiona... Sydney, Australia, discovered that a male cuttlefish would display two different markings wh...  ...e side. On one flank, a courting...
Cuttlefish Fights For Spawning Rights

(YouTube link) Giant cuttlefish (Sepia apama) look so fluid and graceful in the w...  ...ater! But hold your admiration if you are another cuttlefish , because this one is shoving his rivals out of th... his rivals out of the way so he can make baby cuttlefish . The...
Flamboyant Cuttlefish

(YouTube link) The species Metasepia Pfefferi...  ...asepia Pfefferi is commonly called the flamboyant cuttlefish . Not only is it colorful, it "walks" along the bo...  ...m of camouflage, used either to blend in with the cuttlefish 's background or to warn away predators. The cuttlef...
Shape-Shifting Cuttlefish Can Mimic Pictures

Some cuttlefish can mimic the shape of objects around them for ca...  ...jects! National Geographic has a photo gallery of cuttlefish doing their best to mimic their backgrounds, whet...
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