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I'm Coming, Little One!...

Have you ever turned the volume of a cat video up just to see how your cat would react? That could be traumatic, especially...  ...uld react? That could be traumatic, especially if cats , as we have always suspected, have a secret langu...  ...eep, ready to be the hero! I ho...
How Cats Won the Internet

What is it about cat videos that we love so much? They make up a substantial...  ...l part of the internet, and a good one can make a cat into a famous celebrity and make its owner rich....  ...the matter. Before we enter into the question of cat videos , we must talk about...
Peter Gethers And His Cat Norton Share A Brief History Of Cats

Humans have been fascinated by felines since we wa...  ...Egyptians, and aside from a few dark periods when cats were associated with witchcraft, and slaughtered...  ...ughtered by the superstitious, people love having cats in their lives.Author Peter Gethers says he was a...  ...ives.Author Peter Gethers says h...
He Had To Babysit His Girlfriend's Cat

( Video Link)Babysitting can be strange, especially if yo...  ...esting evening pet sitting his girlfriend’s cat and discovered that the frisky feline was extreme...  ...cking", and so cute she needed to star in her own video !-Via reddit
A Need For Speed Trailer Remake Starring Cats

( Video Link)Whether you’re excited to see the film...  ...squo;re excited to see the film adaptation of the video game franchise Need For Speed, or you’re re...  ...going to enjoy this NFS inspired trailer starring cats , because the internet.Knead Fur Spee...
Junk Mail Made IrresistibleTo Cats With Catnip

( Video Link)To get a resident to pay attention to your d...  ...without much more than a glance.But if you want a cat to pay attention to your mail simply apply catnip Cat Litter Warehouse in Ontario came up with the idea...  .....
This Cat Is Scared Of Super Mario Bros.

(YouTube Link)This cat is not a fan of video games, in fact he's terrified of the sound that M...  ...met a dog once who made noises like an old school video game. Game over kitteh!--via Gamma Squad
A Cat Receiving Transmissions From Outer Space

(YouTube Link)Kitties have highly tuned senses tha...  ...s that help them hunt in the wild, but this crazy cat seems to be receiving transmissions from another...  ...! Maybe it's talking to the star of the movie The Cat From Outer Space, either that or it sees a bird o...
Game Of Thrones Theme Sung By A Cat

(YouTube Link) Cat lover and YouTuber herbertcosta decided to edit t...  ...erbertcosta decided to edit together clips of his cat "singing" into a feline rendition of the Game Of...  ...eme song.Silly humans, keep watching those kitteh videos
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