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Cool Art Made From Business Cards

At one point or another anyone working in a profes... in a professional environment will end up with business cards -and most of us end up with way more of them then...  ...e to use. So what do you do with all those unused cards ? Well, you could send them to Petrina Case and as...  ...your field of exper...
Awesome Business Cards Perfect for Librarians

Sunday was Book Lover's Day and while we unfortuna...  ...Flavorwire, where they shared some of the coolest business cards inspired by books.Whether you're a librarian, wri... of good literature, there are a whole lot of business cards to love in their list.
A Collection of Business Cards That Lend Insight Into Their Famous Holders

It's interesting what we can glean about people by... certain choices they make. In the case of this business card collection, we can see who (at least, at the...  ...size, shape, color, fonts and information on the cards . Business cards are the windows to the marketing...
26 Creative Business Cards That Aren’t Even Cards

A functional bike wrench for a bike repair shop by...  ...a mat for a yoga studio by Bryce Bell.An ordinary business business card encourages that person to pay attention to y...  ...tures of and information about 26 really creative business cards . Many of them are practical tool...
The Business Cards of Movie Characters

Being a movie character is fun, but it’s te...  ...s Benedetto Papi and Edoardo Santamato created 27 business cards for movie characters that are trying to market th...
An Undertaker's Business Card, 1745

If you want to attract business , you've got to show that you have a sense of humo... London, knew just what to do. He passed around cards like this one to drum up business . The text reads:At ye lower Corner of Fleet Lane...
An Engineer's Emergency Business Card

It’s more than a clever business card—it’s a survival kit! The beef je...  ...d—it’s a survival kit! The beef jerky business card may feed you, but it won’t solve basic...
Tastes Like Success: The Beef Jerky Business Cards

Why give someone an ordinary old paper business card when you can give them a beef jerky one? Sur...  ...ct me."Of course, it's important to remember Meat Cards are only edible for up to one year, so if you hav...  ...m, you probably better enjoy a delicious feast of business cards...
Isaac Asimov's Business Card

Well, he did publish hundreds of books, including works in nine of the ten categories of the Dewey Decimal Classification system. And Asimov was clearly modest about it.-via Explore | Photo origin: unknown...
Star Wars Business Cards

Best not to mention that Chewie misspell...  ...e misspelled "Wookiee" in his business card. After all, he's got a bad temper and is lia...  ...Take a look at this and more Star Wars business cards

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