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Baboons React to Their Own Reflection

[] (YouTube link)A cre...  ...arth left a camera out in the midst of a group of baboons . A pretty large camera, with a lens that acted as...  ...tead of wrecking the camera out of curiosity, the baboons wanted to examine their own reflections. What the...  ...lip is from the show The...
Baboon Reacts to Magic Trick

As we’ve seen with many other videos, zoo an...  ...ference in lighting. Here, a man interacts with a baboon by doing a little sleight-of-hand.[https://youtu....
Baboon Infestation

[] (YouTube link)The ne...  ...k)The neighbor's house was locked, but a troop of baboons didn't care because they just went in through the...  ...ot be reached. It doesn't take long for this many baboons to do a lot of damage! -via Arbroath
Baboon Can "Read"

In the movie Planet of...  ..."read" words: The six baboons used the computers up to 3,000 times a day, notch...  ..."More detailed analysis revealed that baboons were not simply memorising the word ....
Being Top Baboon is a Hard Life

It ain't easy bein' top dog. Or, for tha... gaze at your pictures, but being alpha baboons come at a high price: A new stud...  ...the Top: Rank and Stress in Wild Male Baboons ," published in the July 15 issue of the jour...  ...he journal Science found that in...
The Baboon's Secret

(YouTube link) You may think the baboon is not too smart because it fell for that old tri...
Monkey Mischief: Bad Baboons Burgle Bloomers

If you plan to visit the Knowsley Safari Park near...  ...ppear. [...]'Their technique involves the largest baboons jumping up and down on the box, flexing it until...  ...until the lock bursts open, then the rest of the baboons pile in to see what they can find,' Mr Ross said....  ...e new level.'Let's face it,...
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