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Double Rainbow Unicorn Apple Pie

Here's a cooking video that you'll enjoy watching...  ...How to Cook That manages to make individual-size apple custard pies with rainbow stripes on the crust![https://youtu....  ...else, like maybe the top crust of a regular size pie . -via Boing Boing
Slater's 50/50 Introduces the Most 'Merican Food Since Apple Pie

Every year for the Fourth of July, Southern Califo...  ...ded to work in the old expression "as American as apple pie " while creating the new 'Merica burger and the re...  ...he result is a 100% bacon patty topped with bacon apple pie filling and bacon American cheese all topped with...  ...bacon for you, then...
How Apple Pie Became "As American As Apple Pie"

(Image: Priceonomics)It's a common proverbial expr...  ...erican culture, you say that "x is as American as apple pie ."How did expression develop? How did apple pie come to represent the United States and its cultu...  ...article at Priceonomics. He traces the history of apple pie...
Everything Needs to Be Put in Cone Form -Especially Pies

Taco Bell introuced nachos you can eat on the go,...  ...t on the go, but for those who prefer sweets, the apple pie cone is a much better solution. Thanks to Dude Fo...  ...sour chicken cone.Sure, you might say, McDonald's apple pies are always easy to eat on the go, but let's be ho...  ...cooler than food shap...
Apple Pie S'mores You Say? Count Me In!

Why limit your s'mores to merely chocolate, marshm...  ...sert favorites? Just switch out the chocolate for apple butter and cinnamon baking chips.Link
Churro Apple Pie Waffles à la Mode

Waffles? Not enough. Churro waffles? Still not enough. We live life on the edge. We go to extremes. We're like the Spartans of the breakfast buffet. That's why we're glad that Chica Chocolatina took her churro waffles be...
Bacon-Topped Apple Pie

The Loveless Cafe of Tennessee has quite a few tas... the salty, crunchiness of bacon is the bacon apple pie seen above. If you can't make it to Nashville to...
How to Bake an Apple Pie inside an Apple

Every part is edible. Shay Olson hollowed ou...  ...Every part is edible. Shay Olson hollowed out apples , added freshly-made apple pie filling, then covered the tops with pie
Hello Kitty Apple Pies

Michele Chen of I Heart Baking made these ador...  ...Chen of I Heart Baking made these adorable pocket pies shaped like Kitty White. At first, I thought that...
Millennium Falcon Apple Pie

You ate that thing? You're hungier than I thou...  ...'re hungier than I thought. Amy Radcliffe made an apple pie in the shape of the Millennium Falcon. Much like...  ...ect required clever modifications to the original pie

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