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6 Times Players Were The Real Villain In Video Games...

Players always assume they're the hero when playing a video game, unless the box says otherwise, but they can never really tell what the game designers actually had in mind.I mean, what if Dr. Robotnik was trying to save...
Why Mario Goes through the Pipes

(Safely Endangered)Most of us don't grow up to be heroes, or even to live the lives that we had planned. That's okay--or it should be. You can still be a hero to the person whose toilet is clogged....
Super Mario Bros. Plumbing under a Sink

(Photo: Nintendo Life) Mario the plumber thinks that he can journey to a magic...  ...Troy Goho. This handy gamer installed functional Super Mario Bros
A Super Japanese Screen Painting Featuring Mario And Luigi As Gods

The Mario Bros . have proven they deserve a place in the pop cult...  ...raditional Japanese screen painting featuring the Bros as gods. Mario is depicted as Raijin, god of thunder and storms,...  ...with this mythological theme because...
A Dog Plays Super Mario Bros.

We’re living in a Nintendo world and this do...  ...f his bone. Hopefully we can someday see him play Mario
Mario Kart: Fury Road

(Image Link)When everything goes to hell in the Mu...  ...ts, a few characters and silly sound effects from Mario Kart 64 and you’ve got a wasteland full of...  ...mically misspliced clips to deliver the comedy in Mario
Toddler Plays Super Mario Bros. in Real Life

[] (Vid...  ...ung son makes a speedrun down a sidewalk level of Super Mario Bros . He snatches up coins and vanquishes koopas and g...
Super Mario Bros.-Themed Apartment

(Photo: Airbnb)Don’t punch the yellow question blocks. There are no coins inside them, but you might lose some of your security deposit.This is a short-term apartment in Tokyo available for rent from Airbnb. From t...
Super Mario Bros. Screenshot Recreated on 14,000 Toothpicks

(Photo: BitBlt_Korry)Twitter user BitBlt_Korry presents a classic, 8-bit pixelated look on this relief sculpture by making it out of toothpicks. The textured, visual effect is strikingly similar to the old game. He metic...
Super Mario Taken

[](Vide...  ...tch?v=dAcxSUCtxN0](Video Link)If you want ransom, Mario doesn't have money. What he does have is a partic...  ...s Peach go right now, that will be the end of it. Mario will not look for you. He will not pursue you. Bu...  ...her friend Daisy. In doing so...

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