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Our Favorite Cartoon Characters Look Even Cooler After A Classic Paintover...

(Image Link)Character designers know a character's basic shapes, silhouette and the overall use of smooth vs sharp shapes help give the character personality, but color scheme is (arguably) the least important element of...
Slave Leia Sailor Moon

Knockie Cosplay offers this beautifully executed m...  ...outfit from Return of the Jedi and Chibiusa from Sailor Moon . She is accompanied by the cat Luna-P, now transf...  ...agram page, including pictures of her with a Jedi Sailor Moon cosplayer.
The Sailor Golden Girls

Thank you for being a friend who can transform int...  ...rklearmy presents the cast of The Golden Girls as Sailor Moon characters. Blanch is Sailor Mars, Sophia and Dorothy are Sailor Saturn (I think), Rose is Sailor Mercury, and Rose's...
The Sailor Scouts Scaled to the Relative Sizes of Their Planets

50 moons could fit inside the Earth and 1,321 Earths could...  ...rth and 1,321 Earths could fit inside Jupiter, so Sailor Jupiter is 66,050 times the size of Sailor Moon . This chart by Twitter member Sario572 scales the...  ...This chart by Twitter member Sario572 scales t...
Sailor Moon Dog Costumes

The Instagram account mayama_ya is dedicated to on...  ...rable costumes. Most of those costumes are of the Sailor Scouts from the anime series Sailor Moon . Watch them do battle in the video below.[https:/...
Geordi LaForge Is Popular with the Ladies...

On Star Trek: The Next Generation, Geordi LaForge... He just hangs back, confidently, and lets the Sailor Scouts come to him. Atta boy, Geordi.
Sailor Scout Ponies

Now my cosplay theme for the next con is settled....  ...Xu made custom ponies inspired by characters from Sailor Moon . You can see them all at the link.Hey, Sailor Moon fans: is Sailor Pluto still considered a Sailor
Sailor Moon vs. The Incredible Hulk

With airbrushes and spraypaint, Tom Thewes creates vivid, fractal murals and images on wood. This painting, entitled "GRRLpower," is rather formulaic. No, really. Here's how he describes it:(Wrath) = aerosol enamel + air...
The Cutest Crossover I've Seen In A While...

Batgirl and Sailor Moon make a surprisingly good combination in this Sailor Bat image by Corey Lewis . Link Via io9
The Sailor Avengers

" Sailor Hulk, I think that now might be a good time to ge...  ...imagined the members of The Avengers and Loki as Sailor

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