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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The official name of the eighth episode of the Sta... saga') has been announced: Star Wars: The Last Jedi . We already figured that the movie would revolve...  ...ured that the movie would revolve around the aged Jedi master Luke Skywalker, and maybe we can assume th...
Jedi Disney Characters

The same group of cosplayers who did the Slave Lei...  ...s cosplay group, featuring even more friends! The Jedi Princess Squad includes most of the Princesses, p...
A Lazy Jedi in the Morning

In the beginning, he was awed by the meaning and the power of the Force. He used it carefully and reverently.Then, about 5 years after completing his training, Max Goodrich, without realizing it, began taking his powers...
Jedi With a GoPro

We have little cameras attached to everything: to...  ...ube link)Bill Parker attached a GoPro camera to a Jedi Knight to record his point of view as he goes abo...  ...galaxy. You know, normal everyday stuff that the Jedi do. -via Viral Viral Videos
George Lucas Tells Little Boy That He Can Get Married and Still Become a Jedi

Although the rule has not always been enforced, in...  ...he rule has not always been enforced, in general, Jedi aren't supposed to be married. They're supposed t...  ...7-year old Colin Gilpatric. He wants to become a Jedi , but he'd also like to get married and have kids....  ...asked him to alter the Star War...
How Are Samurai Films Responsible For Star Wars?...

(Video Link)So much information has come... film industry in the 20th century? Why are Jedi called Jedi
Jedi Entrance Only

Can't open the door? Use the side entrance... way to weed out those who don't belong to the Jedi
The 9 Least Competent Jedi

This headline made me think, were there really any...  ...e me think, were there really any truly competent Jedi knights or Jedi masters in the Star Wars universe? This list incl...  ...equels. Call me crazy, but lying to the very last Jedi about his dad seems like a recipe for...
The Force Is Strong With These Two...

(Video Link)Parkour videos have been a l...  ...videos like these involve two dudes dressed like Jedis running through a scene that could be straight ou...  ...em lightsabers, they might just be the first real Jedis .Via Gizmodo
Mayor of Reykjavik, Iceland Voting in an Election While Dressed as a Jedi

Jón Gnarr is a comedian and mayor of the ca...  ...ditor shawtay, he cast his ballot while dressed a Jedi . Gnarr won the mayoral office in 2010 after found...

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