The No. 1 US City People Want to Move to

Take a gander to see if you know which city it is. If I were to think about it, it's obviously not going to be places like New York where I imagine real estate prices are skyrocketing. Perhaps, not San Francisco either, where the presence of Silicon Valley would most likely push prices up as well. So, that would probably leave us with somewhere in the midwest or the south right?

Redfin, a real-estate site, conducted a study to see which city Americans are eyeing to move to, and apparently, it's one of the most popular vacation destinations in the US. Sean Cudahy from Reader's Digest shares with us what the study showed as well as the top ten cities that homebuyers were interested to relocate to, as well as the reasons why they were choosing from among the list.

To pinpoint which cities were getting the most attention from potential homebuyers, Redfin’s analysts sifted through 2 million web searches between April 2023 and June 2023. The company homed in on members who viewed at least 10 for-sale houses, including at least one outside their current metropolitan area. In other words, it tried to focus on people who seemed to show serious interest in relocating to an entirely new place.

(Image credit: Handiwork NYC/Unsplash)

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