Annoying Unwritten Rules Everybody Seems To Follow

So many people do the same nonsensical things over and over that you have to wonder if there is some rule somewhere. A rule that everyone follows but you, and that's why they are annoying. Or mostly annoying. The rule against making eye contact with people in an elevator and the one about keeping space between urinal users help to keep people from feeling creeped out. But most are annoying or even downright passive-aggressive.

Most of these rules could be eased out of existence if we just took other people in account at all. But you might even see yourself in some of them.

Oh come on now. I don't go to McDonald's often. It's rare, actually. And when I do, I look at the menu to see how much my old favorites have gone up in price. And then confusion sets in when I can't find them on the menu at all! Hey, at least I stand back and let other people put their order in while I ponder my options -and budget. See 52 of these unwritten rules (yeah, that's a lot) at Cracked.

I'm "guilty" of the McDonalds thing because 1) I very rarely have been there and I don't know the menu by heart and there may be something new/interesting and 2) I think it's far more polite to stand back until I know what I want so I can order quickly and efficiently than be like those who dither at the counter while ordering. As to the thermostat thing -- I don't think people think bumping the thermostat higher will make it get warm faster; I believe it's an attempt to make the room eventually heat to a temperature higher than normal for at least a little while so people can "thaw out" before turning it back down to a cooler temp.
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