4Chan Trolls That Impersonate Jewish Twitter Users Are Here With Us… Again

“Fellow Jews, we must do a better job to address our Jewish privilege,” writes a Twitter user under the name of Rabbi David Goldberg on Saturday. Along with his statement was an image that read, “When 1.4% of the US dominates political funding, media, Hollywood, government, finance, law, academia, and foreign policy and somehow nobody puts the words ‘Jewish’ and ‘privilege’ together.”

This was only one of many stridently left-wing Jewish Twitter accounts that called for three things, namely, an acknowledgement of “Jewish privilege,” an end to what they called “Jewish racism”, and ultimately an end to the state of Israel.

They tweeted things like “I am Jewish and see…hatred towards European people from Jews every day” and “I can’t tell you how saddening it is to hear my fellow Jews talking down to people of color – referring to them as mere goyem trash.” They had names like Simon Edelson and Chaim Adelberg.
None of them were real people. As discovered by Tablet Magazine senior writer Yair Rosenberg, all of these accounts were fake profiles created with stolen photos of real people like Israeli writer Hen Mazzig and the husband of an editor at Forward magazine. The network of accounts all seem to have been created after a now-archived thread on the white supremacist breeding ground that is 4chan’s “politically incorrect” board /pol called for “a massive movement of fake Jewish profiles” on Facebook and Twitter.

Why would they do this? What is their purpose?

See more of the story at Slate.

(Image Credit: @Yair_Rosenberg/ Twitter)

More and more I hate twitter. I'm not a twitter user and rarely hear anything positive about twitter. Sure maybe ten years ago it helped with the Arab Spring but today it feels like a dumpster fire of both bad posters and bad fans. Is this really the forum of world discourse? Sad very sad.
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