Archive for May 26th, 2019

The Rich Art History of Redheads

<p>People with red hair have been depicted in many paintings throughout history that it might simply pass us by without asking ourselves why. In reality, redheads have received some discrimination for being...

An Illustrated Poem About Matters of the Heart

<p>Nothing perhaps could be as complicated yet so simple, so serious yet petty, than <a href="" target="_blank">mat...

Robot Package Delivery

To replace the gig economy workers who are delivering everything from Amazon packages to dinner, we now have bipedal robots traveling in driverless vehicles. Digit is the name of the robot, a real product from Agility Ro...

Agatha Christie's Poisons

Agatha Christie will always be the queen of whodunits. She published 65 murder mysteries in her lifetime, 30 of which featured poisons. Doctors and scientists were astonished at how accurate Christie's poisonings were, b...


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