15 Things That Might Become Relics of the Past, 50 Years from Now

Vox surveyed several experts on what they think would be a modern practice that we do today that might become obsolete in the future and they gathered those ideas.

Some may be quite shocking answers considering their widespread appeal and influence today. But then again, we are talking about five decades in the future.

Fifty years ago, people thought smoking was an innocuous pastime or habit. Now, the dangers of smoking are plastered all over. So what are these 15 things and would you agree with them? -via Kottke

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Eating meat, the "war" on drugs, Facebook - yes, we can do without them. But the only way abortion will be eliminated is if we have much better birth control, and ways to make sure fetuses don't develop unsurvivable deformities. It is estimated that one in three pregnancies ends in a miscarriage, many so early that the woman assumes it's just a heavy period. Comparing embryos to blacks, Jews, etc. is not comparing apples to oranges, it's comparing apples to flank steaks.
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The utterly incomprehensible cookie policy, privacy policy and how to opt out from the myriad of "partners" harvesting everyone's data as set by the Vox.com website means that I will not be able to read anything from their site. Nice work fellas!
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I tend to agree with Edward. It was an interesting read, but Vox tends to lean heavily to the left so anything social or political should be gauged with that in mind. Given the rate of technological change in the past ten years, I think it's a safe assumption it will be radically different in 50. Hopefully, in some of the mentioned predictions, considerably less.
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Youth Tackle Football - would like to see it gone because of the brain/spine damage during development but...i duno, nature always finds a way to be aggressive/physical. I doubt this one.

Bosses - Never going to happen. The only people who think this don't understand things like bell curves of IQ/Physique/Emotional Stability/etc. As humans, we are a collective, but we are extremely different and unique at the same time.

Eating Meat - Nope. There are 7 essential nutrients you can only get from eating meat.

Drug War - The drug war ends when humanity ends. You can make every drug on earth cost a penny and legal, and humans will still sabotage themselves. Whether it's drugs, alchohol, cigarettes, koolaid and coca cola, war, UFC/Football injuries, physical harm from breakups, prison, extreme sports, etc. Every human has his own poison.

Facebook and Google - Seems highly unlikely. Unless something else climbs to the top and takes over. I know this is a hard pill to swallow but - humans aren't treated like cattle. Humans are cattle. Which is why we love facebook and google and smartphones so much. It is what it is.

Abandoning public education - This is so dumb its hilarious. There's nearly 7.6 billion people right now, We net-gain a person every 14 seconds. Public everything will always exist, because rich people will never trickle everything back into the economy. Its not in the nature of humans, or rich people, to not syphon everything from the public then go "here, some free cheese and public education, you're welcome".

Anyway ill stop there.
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