Archive for February 14th, 2019

The Phil Silvers Show (1955-1959)

_The Phil Silvers Show_, aka _Bilko_, aka _You'll Never Get Rich_, was one of the funniest programs found on television in the 1950's. The show centered around the antics of Army Master Sergeant Ernest Bilko, con...

True West: Searching for the Familiar in Early Photos of L.A. and San Francisco

San Francisco's history has some startling touchstones that, lucky for us, were documented in photography, from the Gold Rush that brought people from all over the world to the San Francisco earthquake in 1906. Los Angel...

Lise Meitner Deserves A Nobel Prize

Nuclear physics, particularly fission, may not have been discovered without Lise Meitner, but history seems to have forgotten about her. Of course, we all know the history of sexism in all fields but science has...


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