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Beware of Coyotes

The Parks and Recreation Department of Redwood City, California, has occasional coyotes in their parks, and erected this sign to warn park visitors. There are also tips on how to behave if you see a coyote. Don't miss th...

An Honest Trailer for The Predator (2018)

For some reason, they remade the 1987 movie Predator and put an article in front of it. The Predator was not well-received. Screen Junkies explains why in this Honest Trailer. It apparently lacks the my...

Before Black Lung, The Hawks Nest Tunnel Disaster Killed Hundreds

Silica dust, which is released from sandstone, causes black lung among coal miners. But the Hawks Nest Tunnel Disaster wasn't a coal mine, it was a tunnel cut through Gauley Mountain in West Virginia in 1930. The project...

DNA "Magic Box" Can Help Police Analyze DNA Evidence in 90 Minutes But Is It a Misuse of Forensic Science?

In the world of prime time TV, where a complex whodunit is solved in an hour (less commercial time), DNA evidence is analyzed in just a few seconds - usually with the haggard detective hovering right outside the...

Remember The Trackball Mouse?

You should try using a trackball mouse. No, really. Sure, they were ugly and annoying to use back in the day but have you heard of [the modern trackball mice](

The Solution to Global Warming: Antacid for Planet Earth?

If worrying over global warming is giving you indigestion, you'd reach out for a bottle of antacids. But what if antacid itself - in the form of calcium carbonate powder - is actually the prescription to tackle t...

Why Fecal Transplant From "Super Poopers" Are Far More Effective

In [fecal microbiota transplant](, doctors take stool - and all the microbes it contains - from a donor with a healthy gut and transplant it to a patient...

Here's Your Ch-ch-change in ... Bowie Bucks?

During the Great Depression, many localities in the United States printed their own local currencies that residents could spend at local businesses. This currency, also called [scrip](

How Do You Draw an X?

@Smasey [asked the Interweb]( which way do you draw an X? Colored line being the first stroke. Me? Number 7 (capital) and number 5 for lower case x. How ab...


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