Archive for December 15th, 2018

Virtual Reconstruction of Pumapunku Temple Gives Insight Into Its History and Purpose

Many building and structures of the ancient world have already become ruins which tells us that there was something there but not really what it was about. Archaeological artifacts may give us clues but it would...

What the Sun Looks Like Up Close, Parker's First Look at the Corona

Parker Solar Probe made its journey to the sun about [four months ago]( and it has now reached its destination: >One of th...

How Fast Does Glass Crack?

Psst! Wanna watch glass shatter at 28,500 frames a second? The Slow Mo Guys have you covered! The idea here is to see how fast a crack will move through glass, and you need a rather powerful camera to measure that. They...

Zhang Heng - Inventor of the First Known Earthquake Detector

How do you replicate an ancient item that has been no surviving remnants or illustrations to work from? Historical descriptions and texts have given clues to replicate an ancient seismoscope invented by Zhang He...


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