Archive for November 1st, 2018

Dutch Town Opens an Official "Silly Walks" Zebra Crossing

The Dutch town of Spijkenisse has officially installed a "silly walks" pedestrian crossing, inspired by the classic Monty Python's 'The Ministry of Silly Walks' skit.[From the BBC](

Daycare Fight Club

First rule of daycare fight club is ... actually, there _shouldn't_ be any rule of daycare fight club, because there shouldn't _be_ a daycare fight club.But that's exactly what happened back in 2016 in a daycare in St. L...

Percentage of Women Who Smoked Cigarette During Pregnancy

Someone should tell West Virginians that smoking during pregnancy is bad for the health of the baby. [According to the CDC](, a staggering 25% of p...

Musician Lovingly Plays the Piano for Blind Elephants

Classical music can be comforting, even to elephants. English classical pianist Paul Barton performs classical piece on the piano for the gentle giants at the [ElephantsWorld]( sa...

A Link Between Parkinson's Disease and the Appendix

Parkinson's Disease affects the nervous system, but it's possible that it begins elsewhere. Scientists think that both genes and environment play a part in determining whether a person will develop Parkinson's, and it's...

Burning Mountainside of Yanar Dag: The Fire That Has Been Burning for 4,000 Years

In the 13th century, Marco Polo described present-day Azerbaijan as a "land of fire" - and for good reason: there are burning mountainsides with fires that didn't stop burning for thousands of years. M...

This is How Birds Look to Other Birds

Birds can see ultraviolet light, so how they see other birds can be very different from how we see them. For example, in the image above, what humans see is in the upper right-hand corner, whereas what birds see...


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