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Dallas at 40: The Inside Story of the Show that Changed Texas Forever

From the perspective of 2018, the TV series Dallas is a relic of the 1980s. The outrageous dealings of the obscenely wealthy Ewing family was termed a "primetime soap opera," but it pioneered so many TV tropes w...

The Rabbit Illusion

The five major human senses are sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. Our brains integrate stimuli coming from each, and combine that data to make sense out of our environment. Input from one sense can alter our perce...

This Snake Robot Can Climb Ladders

Snake and ladders used to be such a fun game. But that was before researchers from Kyoto University decided to make a [snake robot that can climb ladders](! Wat...

The Pyrotechnic Ice-Cream Parades of the Nobel Prize Banquet

Embed from Getty ImagesOn December 10, this year's Nobel Prize winners will gather with royalty and dignitaries at City Hall in Stockholm for the Nobel banquet. Some think the highlight of the evening is the awarding o...

Postcards From Big Brother: The Curious Propaganda of a Brutal Soviet Era

The Communist regime of the Soviet Union used art and architecture as propaganda. Both buildings and monuments were massive, efficient, and futuristic, an homage to the glorious future of an egalitarian industrial societ...

UpTown Spot

We've seen Boston Dynamics' quadruped robot Spot do some amazing things, but nothing so amazing as dancing to "Uptown Funk." Well, maybe "amazing" is the wrong word. How about "funny"? -via [Digg](

Zero-Waste Facility in Holland Turns Tulips Into Vodka

Four years after he first had the idea Joris Putman invented an new iconic vodka made of only 2 ingredients - tulips & water. His family’s tulip-farming tradition gave him the inspiration, & long-t...

This Freeway Interchange Looks Like a Giant Rollercoaster for Cars

Think your freeway interchange is complicated? It's probably nothing compared to this freeway interchange in Guizhou, China. From [Oddity Central](

Abandoned Mine Turned into a Mountain Bike Park

Got dirt?Well, an underground mine definitely has a lot of dirt. And by a lot, we mean 5 miles of dirt trails, ramps and obstacles in a 320,000 square feet of space. Oh, and did we mention it's 100 feet underground?Check...


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