Archive for September 21st, 2018

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Middle-Earth

There's fandom and then there's FANDOM. Some may devote a Facebook page to a personal interest of theirs, or maybe even create a dedicated website, but you've probably never seen the like of what Tolkien scholar Mark Fis...

Gulper Eel in Action

The team from EVNautilus are back, watching the bottom of the ocean for interesting creatures. And here they've found one with their remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) in the deep sea at Papahānaumokuākea Marine National...

This Half-Billion-Year-Old Sea Blob Was The First Animal on Earth

Meet the 558-million-year-old fossil of _[Dickinsonia](, a type of [Ediacaran]( organism, that may just be the first animal...

Wonderful Artwork of British Columbia Mountains by Laura Bifano

I'm loving these wonderful geometric art by Vancouver-based artist [Laura Bifano]( In her series "[Altars](," Bifano...

Have Teacup - Will Travel

This is "open carry" in the UK. Etsy seller LeatherHeds created a [teacup and saucer belt holster](


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