The Most Useless Superpowers

You don't have to be a comic reader to think it would be cool to have superpowers, as humans have dreamt of having the power of flight, indestructibility and super strength long before comic books even existed.

But with so many superheroes populating the pages of comic books some characters are bound to get stuck with some incredibly useless powers.

Glob Herman is a mutant with see-thru skin made of a paraffin-wax-like substance, which makes him useless unless you're looking for a giant living candle who will also scream in pain while he melts away.

Kite Man has the astounding ability to be an "excellent hang-glider pilot", and if that weren't enough his name is Charlie Brown, named after the Peanuts character who had absolutely no luck with kites.

(YouTube Link)

This Looper video counts down some of the most useless superpowers in comic book history, and makes you wonder what the creators were inhaling when they came up with such ridiculous characters. Maybe the fumes given off by a melting Glob Herman?

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"The Most Useless Superpowers"

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