Famous People Who Are Pure Madness On Social Media

Social media has allowed us all to put our thoughts, feelings and favorite memes out there for the entire online world to see which, as we all know, is both a good and bad thing.

For the average person this social freedom allows them to rant, share pics and thoughts from their day and basically act like they normally do with their friends, but for celebrities social media gives them the chance to go bonkers.

Norm Macdonald is a bit of a goofball, so you'd expect his Twitter feed to be full of jokes and funny observations, but instead he uses the power of the tweet to dump hours of sports play-by-plays on his followers:

Is it a joke? Is Norm drinking heavily again? Nobody is really sure, but I guess if you hate comedy, love sports and don't have a TV or a radio then Norm's your guy!

But if you prefer social media feeds related to food then you might enjoy the Instagram account @onionringsworldwide, which was started by the singer Lorde as an inside joke.

There you'll get to see "every onion ring I encounter, rated" and absolutely nothing about Lorde or her music, which may actually expand her fanbase to include chefs and foodies who respect her opinions on onion rings.

Plus Lorde isn't above eating onion rings "from the service stop Burger King near Hatfield", now that's what I call adventurous eating!

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