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Totally Insane Video Games From Otherwise Normal Companies

Video game companies typically try to release games that make them stand out from the rest, developing a signature style over the years that gamers come to identify with.

And whether they're trying to be violent outlaws like RockStar Games, full of deep, dark adventures like Bethesda or family friendly like Nintendo they all come to be known by the titles they release.

Which is why Nintendo refuses to acknowledge the game Time Twist: On The Outskirts Of History, because it includes a Holocaust-themed level, the KKK lynching a slave, and possessed Baby Jesus is the final boss:

After a relatively normal trip to Ancient Greece, you head to the American Civil War and hop into the body of a slave boy named George ... who gets lynched by the KKK. Then you discover that George's master is plotting to kill Abraham Lincoln. But you're able to save the day by solving a variation on the old river-crossing puzzle that involves Lincoln, two slaves, and three coyotes. You're learning history!

The final chapter sees you hopping into a donkey owned by the original power couple, Joseph and Mary. You witness the birth of Jesus ... whom you then have to defeat, because the Devil has possessed him and is going to alter history to cause a nuclear apocalypse. Why yes, Baby Jesus does appear to summon the tortured souls of the damned during your encounter. How did you guess?

On the other hand Activision acknowledges their 1989 big fat flop of a game Tongue Of The Fatman even though they probably shouldn't, because it's not only stupid looking throughout- it's one of the worst fighting games ever made.

In this game, you must do combat for the enjoyment of Mondu, master of an intergalactic fighting pit and an obese tongue owner.

The gameplay is simple, because nothing works. The hit detection is broken, the health system is inscrutable, the physics obey no known laws of nature or God, only Mondu, and every character plays more or less the same, which is to say they control like a dying animal.

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