Painfully Accurate Tumblr Posts About Star Wars Fans

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Star Trek fans are typically calm, collected and logical, like a Vulcan vacationing on Delta Vega, while Star Wars fans are far more fiery and passionate, like a Wookiee after their last bowl of Wasaka-berry pudding was stolen by an Ewok.

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And ever since Episode VIII: The Last Jedi came out the fans have either been cheering or jeering about the latest installment and going off as the force of fandom within them rises once again.

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So if you see a Star Wars fan walking around with a lightsaber you'd better steer clear until this whole Star Wars hysteria blows over...oh wait, that Han Solo prequel is coming out in May...

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See 15 Painfully Accurate Tumblr Posts About Star Wars Fans here (NSFW language)

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A large cohort of fanboys have a problem with Star Wars because they expect every movie to be as magical as they were when they first watched them -when they were 6, 8, 10 years old. Kids aren't movie critics, they just enjoy a movie. Then these fans grew up to watch movies more critically, as all adults do, and can't recognize that no Star Wars movie can be as perfect as when seen through a child's eyes. It's a fantasy. And they've got an idea in their heads of "the way things should be" although they expect someone else to read their minds and write and produce those stories exactly that way. No story progression will ever live up to their expectations. Every time I read fan rants, I'm sooo glad I was an adult in 1977, so I can just enjoy all the Star Wars movies for what they are.

That said, I love a good Star Wars joke, and these are funny, especially the one about the older lady (mainly because I relate). I can't share the funniest ones I know, because they contain spoilers.
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